Our people

The people at ELENGAS are committed to working with our clients to meet their objectives by delivering quality advice at a competitive price.

Bruce Holland   B. Com (Econ) (UNSW), DPM (AGSM), GAICD, FAIE

Bruce is commercially qualified, and has over 25 years experience in the energy industry.
He has held senior operational and commercial roles with major companies involved in
the oil and gas industry and the electricity supply industry. He has many years experience
in negotiating the commercial arrangements for the sale and purchase of energy products
such as electricity, crude oil and natural gas. He has also been involved in the production
and supply of products from a complex oil and gas production system.

He was involved in the disaggregation of a state owned fully integrated electricity
monopoly and preparation of electricity businesses for operation in the National
Electricity Market. He has been Project Director for major energy infrastructure projects,
and the successful negotiation for these projects to proceed.

He has been directly involved in the South Australian electricity market, providing
market research, consulting services and energy brokering services to companies
seeking to contract for the supply of electricity. Bruce has provided advisory services to
Government and businesses involved in the electricity and the natural gas industries.

Lindsay Freund    B Eng (Electrical) Hons., MAIE, JP

Lindsay has over 20 years experience in delivering electrical engineering,
process control and project management. This includes 14 years in the glass container
industry where he delivered numerous successful projects including design, planning,
implementing and commissioning of electrical engineering and process control systems
whilst maintaining production schedules. Some of these control and information systems
became industry benchmarks.

He has considerable experience in increasing client’s energy efficiency in the area of
electrical peak demand management using load shaving and load shedding strategies
and monitoring of various systems to minimize electricity and gas usage. For example, a
recent recommended strategy enabled a client to reduce its peak load requirement by up
to 3 MW which delivered a recurrent saving in excess of $40k per month.

Lindsay has conducted energy audits to isolate potential savings in energy use through
changes to operations and or equipment. These energy audits conform to Australian
standard AS/NZS 3598:2000 and in general have the potential to provide recurrent
savings of typically 10 to 15% of energy costs.

He has also managed a number of technical projects included power upgrades to increase
capacity and meet compliance requirements. A recent project for a large mining and
exploration client necessitated the complete redevelopment of the electrical system to
cope with the hazardous area requirements, whilst maintaining production schedules.