About Us

ELENGAS is a specialist consulting firm with considerable expertise in the electricity,
oil and natural gas markets & industries.

Elengas has been active in the energy advisory field since 2000, and in electricity brokering since 2001 when deregulation of the electricity and gas markets in the National Electricity Market (NEM) states was gathering pace.

The deregulation of these markets has led to greater complexity and choice in the negotiation and purchase of electricity and management of energy inputs to business.

ELENGAS is well positioned to advise business, industry and Government on the “best energy deal” along with options to reduce energy costs.

ELENGAS has represented many companies to negotiate new electricity and gas supply arrangements across hundreds of sites.

Elengas works closely with its clients to achieve agreed outcomes and have assisted them to lower input energy costs through more effective energy supply options including reviews of network charges etc.


  • Specialist Advisers to Business, Industry and Government for Electricity Brokering
  • Contract / Commercial Negotiation
  • Energy Market Advice – (Electricity, Crude Oil & Natural Gas)
  • Project Development and Management
  • Strategic Planning / New Business
  • Energy Audit and Management